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We at Ecology Health Products, Inc. understand your pain from arthritis and other medical conditions and also the pain from sport injuries.

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There is nothing noble about living in pain. We understand this and have developed through years of research and development the strongest natural pain reliever on the market today. Our products also feature a unique way to apply our formulations this is done by a simple pump spray applicator. Just a few quick sprays allows our natural ingredients to go to work deep within your muscle tissue. These ingredients deliver a unique pain fighting formulation, which attacks the problems facing you fast and effectively. First we have looked at what the typical types of pain are then developed our formulations to go directly to this area and relieve your pain. This is done by our unique blend of natural ingredients and our transdermal method to penetrate the skin getting these natural pain fighters into your muscles.

Natural aspirin is called (methyl salicylates). Methyl salicylates are found naturally within the essential oils of wintergreen and peppermint. The problem to date is how to effectively allow this natural aspirin to penetrate the skin.

In the laboratory, Karl Löwig (1839) treated salicin with acid--as salicin is acted on in the human stomach--to make salicylic acid, and about that time salicylic acid was also discovered occurring naturally in a European species of Spiraea (dropwort). Salicylic acid had major medicinal uses and soon entered common medical practice of use for treatment of many inflammatory conditions.

A related compound being used at that time was methyl salicylate, found in an oil from birch bark and oil of wintergreen and peppermint long used to relieve aches. In this century, oil of wintergreen and peppermint were formerly used in "analgesics" (pain relievers) for athletes.

The problem with salicylic acid was that, for many, it caused nausea and great gastric discomfort. GerhardtCarl von Gerhardt synthesized a different compound in 1853 by putting an acetyl group on salicylic acid, making acetylsalicylic acid, which is a chemical salt (solid). Nonetheless, no one was aware of the more gentle properties of this compound until 1893, when Felix Hoffman, an employee of Friedrich Bayer and Company, found an easier way to make this salt and then tested it on his father, who had arthritis. In 1899, Bayer, which started in 1863 as a dye production company, marketed this medicine as "aspirin"--coming from the words 'acetyl' and Spiraea. Aspirin was thus the first major medicine in the world to be sold in tablet form.

All Nature's brand of pain relief products are made from the highest quality natural ingredients which include, alcohol, distilled water, menthol, eucalyptus, wintergreen, peppermint with our superior skin conditioners made from a highly refined mineral oil, Vitamin E oil, and Jojoba oil. Each Nature's brand of pain relievers are formulated to give relief to specific kinds of pain.

The science behind Nature's pain relief products is in how it gets the anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory (natural aspirin) through the skin. We have formulated and patented a unique way of transdermal penetration using the evaporation rates of the water/alcohol mixture to efficiently open skin pores and act as the penetrating medium, which allows the very small molecular sized liquid formulation to be absorbed through the skin tissue. By altering this formulation our products can either penetrate through the skin tissue as in Nature's Pain Relief and Nature's Sport Pain Relief or penetrate only into the skin in our product Nature's Sunburn Relief where the damage and pain originate from.

Nature's Pain Relief Nature's Pain Relief was formulated to relieve the pain associated with arthritis and pain causing medical conditions. Nature's Pain Relief is also very effective on all muscle and subskin aches and pains. Nature's Pain Relief has also been very effective on headaches and migraines along with all types of back pain.

Nature's Sunburn Relief Nature's Sunburn Relief is formulated to penetrate into your damaged skin from sunburn's and also minor heat related burns. Nature's Sunburn Relief works by first using its natural anti-septic ingredients of eucalyptus and alcohol to disinfect the site of the burn. Next Nature's Sunburn Relief opens the skin pores allowing its natural ingredients to increase blood flow to the skin aiding the bodies natural healing process. Next as Nature's Sunburn Relief is absorbe into your damaged skin, its powerful natural anti-inflammatories (natural aspirin) go to work relieving the pain. One of the benefits of our natural product is the superior natural skin conditioners which are absorbed into your damaged skin keeping it soft and not allowing your skin to dry and peel from a sunburn.

Nature's Sport Pain Relief Nature's Sport Pain Relief was formulated specifically for sport and activity related muscle stress and injuries. Nature's Sport Pain Relief has all the benefits and deep penetration as our Nature's Pain Relief but has a light fresh scent of cinnamon. This product is great for use in gym's and at the office. Nature's Sport Pain Relief effectively reduces swelling and lactic acid build-up within your muscles. In injuries muscles spasm increasing lactic acid build-up within the muscle tissue our natural anti-spasmodic ingredients allow your muscles to relax while our natural ingredients go to work reducing inflammation and also increasing blood circulation allowing a path for this lactic acid to flow out of your muscle tissue.


  • A pump action liquid spray application with no need to rub into skin.
  • Deep penetrating natural ingredients featuring transdermal absorption through the skin.
  • Two powerful natural aspirin (methyl salicylate) used to reduce swelling and provide you a powerful anti-inflammatory.
  • Two natural anti-spasmatic ingredients to relax spasms within the muscle tissue reducing inflammation and lactic acid.
  • Natural vesicular dilator increases blood circulation allowing lactic acid build-up and inflammation to be flushed from your muscle.
  • Unique skin conditioning ingredients including Vitamin E and jojoba oil to leave your skin soft and smooth.
  • Non staining formulation will not stain clothes.
  • Aids your natural healing process.

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