Welcome to a new age in sport injury pain relief. We are proud to introduce our new patent pending TRANSDERMAL ANALGESIC product called Nature's Sport Pain Relief.

Our fresh scented fast acting product will allieviate pitchers shoulder pain fast. Our patent pending product penetrates the skin delivering a natural anti-inflammatory directly where it counts in your muscles. Baseball players know that proper warm-up of there arms helps in reducing baseball related muscle and tendon injuries. The use of Nature's Sport Pain Relief before and during your game will keep those muscles loose so you do not throw out your arm during the game or practice. Major league players, coaches and trainers all know that a player needs the proper warm-up. They should also know that the use of Nature's Sport Pain Relief or Nature's Pain Relief will aid in keeping those muscles and tendons ready to do there work without the possibility of injury. For you young pitchers just learning your curve ball technique use Nature's Sport Pain Relief first so your muscles stay relaxed and you do not hurt after throwing. For you relief pitchers spraying your shoulder and forearm muscles prior to your call to warm-up will allow you to enter the game faster with better speed on your ball.
We at Ecology Health Products beleave that all baseball players young and old should begin to use our new patent pending product Nature's Sport Pain Relief to increase there performance without the pain and time caused by baseball injuries.

Muscles Are Relaxed 

Stiffness Is Relieved 

Removes Lactic Acid Build-Up 

Increases Circulation 

Reduces aches and strains 

Enhances Power and Control   

Accuracy Is Improved   

Feel And Play Better!

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