Nature's way of relieving pain.

Don't let a stiff shoulder or a stiff back steal your swing. Fight back with "Nature's Sport Pain Relief." Eliminate those aching muscles so you can complete a full back-swing and walk with a new vigor.

"Nature's Sport Pain Relief" is designed to eliminate muscle cramps so you can get back your full range of motion. It's formulated with all natural ingredients like wintergreen and eucalyptus to instantly invigorate those stiff, aching muscles.

"Nature's Sport Pain Relief" eliminates muscle cramps by increasing blood flow, washing out the build-up of lactic acid. Next time sore muscles have you reaching for relief, grab a bottle of "Nature's Sport Pain Spray"

Here is how Nature's Sport Pain Relief works first when sprayed on (no need to rub-in) Nature's Sport Pain Relief penetrates your skin quickly to increase blood circulation in your muscles, next our natural powerful anti-inflammatory is drawn deep within your muscle tissue going to work to reduce the inflammation (pain) within your muscle allowing you to recover from those aches and pains that you get from golf fast and effectively without the need to take pills which have side effects.

This is not a fad like those copper bracelets and magnets you have seen but a proven natural fast acting powerful pain reliefer, in a easy to apply spray bottle. Tired of those greasy types of pain releiving products, well no more with Nature's Sport Pain Relief as it penetrates your skin fast with a soft cinnamon/pepperment scent without rubbing. Just spray and feel the effect of our patent pending transdermal analgesic go immediately to work warming your stiff or sore golf muscles. 

Tired of a sore back or tired legs during or after your round of golf, then spray prior or during to your game and experience new abilities to complete a full backswing and walk with new vigor.  Legs knotting up?  Just spray to invigorate them! Have golfers elbow, sore wrist or a tired back, just reach into your bag and take out your bottle of Nature's Sport Pain Relief and spray for quick relief.


The Effects of Nature’s Sport Pain Relief 
Circulatory System & Muscular System 
  •  Improves blood circulation 
  •  Increases blood and nutrient flow to the cells 
  •  Relieves tension and spasm 
  •  Increases blood and nutrient supplies to muscles 
  •  Eliminates waste such as lactic acid 

 Helps restore muscle tone and increase joint flexibility 

  • Muscles Are Relaxed
  •  Stiffness Is Relieved
  •  Circulation Increases
  •  Power & Control Are Enhanced
  •  Accuracy Is Improved 
  •  Club Head SPEED is Increased 
  •  You Feel And Play Better! 


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