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NEW YORK, Jul 20 (Reuters Health) -- Endurance training could reduce the injury rate among ice hockey players, US researchers report. Ice hockey is considered by some experts to be the fastest and most violent team sport in the world. As its popularity increases within the United States, more ice hockey injuries are likely to occur, according to study authors Dr. Mark Pinto of the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor, and colleagues. In order to "develop strategies for injury prevention," Pinto and colleagues observed 22 members of a Junior A hockey team, aged 16 to 20, for the course of one season. They published the following observations, as well as injury prevention suggestions in a recent issue of the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine.

-- Players sustained more than 20 times as many injuries during games as during practices. "Practices required the same equipment but checking, aggressive play, and stick use were presumably kept to a minimum," the researchers suggest.

-- The face was the most common site of injury, accounting for nearly 24% of injuries by location, followed consecutively by shoulder, hand and finger, and knee and thigh injuries.

-- Goaltenders sustained the fewest injuries and forwards the most, although defensemen had the highest in-game injury rate.

-- In general, "as the season progressed, the injury rate decreased substantially," write Pinto and colleagues. "The injury rate in the first half of the season was more than double that of the second half, implying that as players became better conditioned, injuries were less likely to occur."

-- Injuries were more common in the later game periods and in the latter portion of each period, suggesting "that fatigue over the course of a game may have a role in injury production," they note. The investigators suggest a three-fold approach to reducing injury rates, involving physical conditioning, education, and rule enforcement.

Conditioning -- specifically endurance training -- may help players avoid fatigue-induced injuries, they suggest. In addition, coaches, trainers and officials need to invest time educating players regarding injury prevention, as well as the proper use of safety equipment. And finally, since nearly 80% of the injuries sustained by the study participants were contact injuries -- including player collisions, stick and skate injuries, fighting, and board, ice and puck contact -- "consistent rule enforcement" and "better and mandatory use of hockey safety equipment" are needed, Pinto and colleagues conclude. Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine 1999;9:70-74.

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