No pain, no gain....since when? Dispel the old cliche with "Nature's Sport Pain Relief." Enjoy all the benefits of a good, hard workout without suffering from sore muscles afterwards.

"Nature's Sport Pain Relief" penetrates deep into muscles, providing instant relief. It's formulated with all natural ingredients like peppermint and eucalyptus to instantly invigorate those stiff, aching muscles. "Nature's Sport Pain Relief" eliminates muscle cramps by increasing blood flow, washing out the build-up of lactic acid.

Enjoy the benefits of longer, harder, and pain free workout with "Nature's Sport Pain Relief."

A simple spray-on application 15 minutes prior to your work out allows Nature's Sport Pain Relief to penetrate deeply into your muscles opening up your muscles circulatory system reduces lactic acid and nitrogen from building up in your muscles as you lift.  Then after your program spray down to continue to gain the benefits of the washing process. This will allow you to lift more weight with more reps before exhaustion.  You will be able to increase your program and not feel the aches and pains associated by lactic acid and nitrogen build-up.

Trainers take note. The largest single reason associated with customer non-satisfaction is the pain, aches and stiffness caused by lactic acid build-up, associated with a resistance program, remember the no pain no gain saying.  Now using Nature's Sport Pain Relief there is a gain without pain. Use Nature's Sport Pain Relief before and after your customers first program to relax their muscles and increase blood circulation, allowing the lactic acid to be washed out of the muscle. This will bring them back day after day.  Show them you care.

Muscles Are Relaxed
Stiffness Is Relieved
Removes Lactic Acid
Increases Circulation
Reduces aches and strains
Enhance Power & Control
Feel & Exercise Better!

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