Don't let a stiff shoulder or a stiff back steal your swing. Fight back with "Nature's Sport Pain Relief." Eliminate those aching muscles so you can complete a full back-swing and walk with a new vigor.

Tennis elbow is a form of tendinitis, in the region where muscles of your forearm attach to the outside bone of your elbow. Overuse of these muscles occurs in tennis and other sports that require forced extension of the wrist or hand.  Simply spray Nature's Sport Pain Reilef directly onto the effected area. Feel the dual mode action relief from discomforts and pain.  First the deep cooling sensation as the special highly purified alcohol evaporates opening the skins surface pores.  Second and Menthol open pores and allow the Menthol to penetrate deeply into surrounding tissue.  Then feel the warmth of the extremely purified Natural Menthol and Eucalyptus Oil work to create a long lasting, deep penetration and warming of the effected area.  This warming is not a skin irritant, but is caused by an increase in blood circulation through the injured area allowing a washing effect of the lactic acid, and inflammation from painful muscles and tendons (tennis elbow).


The Effects of Nature's Sport Pain Relief 
Circulatory System & Muscular System 
  •  Improves blood circulation 
  •  Increases blood and nutrient flow to the cells 
  •  Relieves tensions and spasms 
  •  Increases blood and nutrient supplies to muscles 
  •  Eliminates wastes such as lactic acid 

 Helps restore muscle tone and increase joint flexibility 

  • Muscles Are Relaxed
  •  Stiffness Is Relieved
  •  Circulation Increases
  •  Power & Control Are Enhanced
  •  Accuracy Is Improved 
  •  Club and Racket SPEED is Increased 
  •  You Feel And Play Better! 


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